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Biden Makes A Huge Mistake During Democratic…

Even by the standards of Joe Biden gaffes , this was a big one.

New Poll Fetches Surprising Results For President…

As the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump unfolds in Washington, support for the president appears to be shifting.

Mom Charged In 3-Year-Old Son's Horrific…

Jiterria Lightner was traveling alone with her three young children in September when the unthinkable happened.

Pregnant Woman Killed In Horrific Dog Attack

Authorities are testing 93 dogs to determine which of them attacked and killed a 29-year-old pregnant woman.

Jussie Smollett Saga Takes Yet Another Turn

The former 'Empire' actor is headed back to court, but this time it's because he wants to go.

Tesla edges into pickup truck market with…

Elon Musk is taking on the workhorse heavy pickup truck market with Tesla’s latest electric vehicle

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Watch: Couple Gets Married On Flight

A couple that has a shared love of aviation and met playing an online computer aviation game was recently married on an airplane.

Kamala Harris Gets Payback Against Tulsi Gabbard

Four months after Tulsi Gabbard blasted Sen. Kamala Harris in a high-profile debate confrontation, Harris got her payback Wednesday night

Charles Schwab to Reportedly Purchase TD…

Charles Schwab to Reportedly Purchase TD Ameritrade . On Nov. 21, numerous sites reported that Charles Schwab is in talks to buy TD Ameritrade. The deal would reportedly be worth $26 billion. . It would also occur merely one month after both companies announced their plans to eliminate commissions for online trading. . TD Ameritrade CEO Tim Hockey initially hinted at the possible selling of the company in an interview with CNN last month. . During the interview, Hockey said TD Ameritrade would “always take a look at something that makes strategic sense.”. The merging of these two financial service companies would reportedly create more than $5 billion in combined assets. . According to the CEO of Apex Clearing, Bill Capuzzi, the merger was “inevitable.” . On the heels of all the zero-commission announcements, this was the inevitable next shoe to drop. A merger would make a lot of sense, Bill Capuzzi, to CNN. As of Thursday afternoon, shares of both Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade were up 8 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

'Often Neglected' Cancer Is On The Rise

The cancer that killed Farrah Fawcett is on the rise, and certain demographics seem especially vulnerable.

Air Force Jets Crash on Training Runs; 2 Dead

Two T-38 jets crashed during routine training flights Thursday in Oklahoma, killing two airmen. The accident took place near Vance Air Base, and the Air Force said a total of four personnel were on the two-seater jets. The Air Force did not immediately provide information about the condition of the...

Lawyer: Cruise Ship Video of Toddler's Fall…

Salvatore Anello was holding his 18-month-old granddaughter, Chloe Wiegand, before she fell. He believed the window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship was closed, according to Newser. The toddler fell to her death in July and Anello's lawyer says surveillance video will prove that. José G. Pérez Ortiz "My client thought that the window was closed. Nothing in the video is inconsistent." Instead, the 11th-floor window in a children's play area was open, and Chloe fell 115 feet to her death. Prosecutors in Puerto Rico charged Anello with negligent homicide. Anello's trial date should be set during his next court appearance, scheduled for Dec. 17th.

Apple Abruptly Cancels Premiere Of New Movie

Apple's move into the movie business isn't off to a very promising start.

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81% Of The World's 11-To-17-Year-Olds Aren't…

The World Health Organization found 81% of adolescents worldwide aren't getting enough exercise, and that there's a gender gap for activity worldwide.

Bernie Sanders' 2020 Campaign Sets Wild Record

The Vermont senator is the quickest to pass a very impressive mark.

Kangaroo given oxygen after being found…

Firefighter Shaye Hatty was battling a wildfire in Australia, on Nov. 9, when she found a struggling kangaroo. She sprung into action, giving it oxygen, water and first aid.


Trailer for 'Ellipse' starring Michelle Medoff, Jack William, Josiah Authier

Bloomberg Files Papers With the FEC to Run

The paperwork Michael Bloomberg filed paperwork Thursday with the FEC says he's a Democratic candidate for president. But his aides, again, said not so fast. Bloomberg had to take this step within 15 days of putting himself on the Arkansas and Alabama primary ballots earlier this month, CBS News reports....

Steelers QB Rudolph denies report he used racial…

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph is denying he used a racial slur before his confrontation with suspended Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

California Supreme Court Strikes Down Law…

The California Supreme Court made a ruling relating to President Trump's tax returns.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted on…

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted on Corruption Charges. The country's Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit, says the charges include fraud, bribery and breach of trust. Mandelblit previously said he was considering indicting Netanyahu back in February. Legal experts say the prime minister is facing up to a decade in jail for bribery and three years for the other offenses. . The indictments come as Israel is on the cusp of holding elections for the third time in a year. Netanyahu and political rival Benny Gantz have both failed to form a government. Now that he has been indicted, Netanyahu's political future is uncertain. The prime minister claims the indictment is a political vendetta. It’s very disturbing what is going on here and how the police conducted this investigation. This is a contaminated process, we need to investigate the investigators, they didn’t want the truth, they were after me personally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, via statment. It remains to be seen if Israel President Reuven Rivlin will let Netanyahu form a government should he win the next election

'This Is All Going to Blow Up'

As the impeachment hearings got back underway on Capitol Hill Thursday, President Trump called Democrats participating in the proceedings "human scum." In a morning tweet, Trump wrote that "corrupt politician Adam Schiff’s lies are growing by the day," and he urged Republicans to stay united in his defense. Soon, he...

Kurt Volker Shuts Down Justifications For…

Former U.S. special representative to Ukraine, Kurt Volker was called to testify. Republicans called on Volker to be a witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. In his testimony, Volker shut down allegations of corruption against the Bidens. According to Business Insider, the GOP defend Trump by saying he was justified in investigating Biden. Yet Volker said this investigation was “self-serving,” “not credible” and a “conspiracy.”