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Many Americans Might Be Losing Their Social…

The Trump administration has proposed a new rule that could cut off benefits for hundreds of thousands of people.

FDA Announces Big Recall On Salmon

Salmon sold in at least 10 states has been recalled for listeria contamination.

Child Star Who Stole Hearts In The '80s Dead At 55

The former child star, best known for his role on the CBS sitcom "Alice," after a long illness.

The Most Popular Google Searches Of 2019

From Area 51 raids to Lil Nas X’s "Old Town Road," Google has rounded up its "2019 Year In Search."

Lakers snap Heat's home winning streak, top Miami…

Anthony Davis scored 33 points to lead the Los Angeles Lakers past the Miami Heat 113-110

Scientists Are Still Puzzled Why Giant Pandas…

Here's why giant panda babies are so tiny.

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Happy Birthday, Offset! (Saturday, December 14th)

Happy Birthday, Offset! . Kiari Kendrell Cephus turns 28 years old today. Here are five things you may not have known about the rapper. 1. Offset is Quavo’s cousin, and Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew. 2. The fashionable rapper has starred in campaigns for designers Gosha Rubchinskiy, Bryce Barnes and Lavati. 3. He is an investor in the Esports organization FaZe Clan. 4. The Migos member’s first solo album was ‘Father of 4.’. 5. The rapper acted in the TV show, 'Atlanta.'. Happy Birthday, Offset!

Michael Scott's Spy Thriller Can Now Be Seen in…

Fans of the The Office know Michael Scott penned the screenplay for an inept spy thriller called Threat Level Midnight . Pam discovered the script in season 2, and viewers got a taste of the actual movie in season 7, notes Complex . Now the show is making the full 24-minute version...

Former Kentucky Governor Pardons Hundreds On His…

Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was in hot water for most of his time spent in office. On his final day as governor, Bevin issued pardons for many, including violent offenders. As many as 161 pardons and 419 commutations of sentences were filed the day he left office. CNN reports that due to the high volume, the documents are still being processed. The list of pardons include... Blake Walker, convicted in 2003 of killing his parents. Kurt Smith, found guilty of murdering his 6-week old son. Micah Schoettle, convicted last year of raping a child. Delmar Partin, convicted of beheading a woman and stuffing her in a barrel Kathy Ann Harless, who left her newborn baby to die in an outhouse. Dayton Jones, convicted in 2016 of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. Patrick Baker, convicted of reckless homicide in 2017. Patrick Baker's family previously held a fundraiser and donated to Bevin's gubernatorial campaigns. Baker's co-defendants are still in prison and have not been excused or pardoned.

Supreme Court Will Hear Trump's Tax Returns Cases

The high court will weigh in on whether President Trump can keep his tax returns and other financial information private despite multiple subpoenas.

Mutliple storms wreaking havoc on these beaches

It continues to be a challenging year for communities along Lake Michigan in the face of continued shoreline erosion with each passing storm.

The App (US Trailer 1)

Trailer for 'The App' starring Greta Scarano, Jessica Cressy, Stella Mastrantonio, Giampiero Judica, Vincenzo Crea

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Finnish Minister Apologizes Over Instagram Poll

Finland's new finance minister has apologized and yanked a poll she put up on Instagram to get citizens' opinions on a serious policy issue. Katri Kulmuni asked people whether the nation should let Finnish women with links to Islamic State return to Finland from a camp in Syria, or whether...

James Harden scores 54 points, Rockets rout Magic…

James Harden scored 54 points, hitting 10 of 15 3-pointers and 19 of 31 shots overall, in the Houston Rockets' 130-107 victory over the Orlando Magic

Bernie Sanders Retracts Endorsement Of Cenk Uygur…

Bernie Sanders retracts endorsement of Cenk Uygur.

This Day in History: First US President George…

This Day in History: First US President George Washington Dies. December 14, 1799. The former president died at his Mount Vernon estate in Virginia from a severe respiratory infection. He had developed the infection the day before after refusing to change out of wet clothes following a horseback ride into freezing sleet. His last words were, "Tis well.”. The fledgling nation plunged into a state of mourning. He was eulogized by friends and political foes alike. King George III of England once grudgingly called Washington the “greatest character of the age.”. In his will, Washington referred to himself simply as “George Washington, of Mount Vernon, a citizen of the United States.”

Markets Flat Despite Deal Between US, China

The US and China announced a "phase one" deal on trade that removes the threat of new US tariffs going into effect this weekend, but the markets barely budged on the news. The Wall Street Journal suspects that analysts want to hear more specifics before deciding whether it's time to...

Democratic Debate: Biden, Warren, Sanders, Yang…

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, and Pete Buttigieg are taking a stand. The entire group of leaders has all threatened to skip next week's primary debate. Some are surprised by the solidarity, according to Business Insider, but the decision makes sense. The pledge is to stand in solidarity with campus food service workers who are on strike. The strike came after contract negotiations for better wages and healthcare broke down on Friday.

Montana To Begin Enforcing Emergency Ban On…

The ban will take effect on Wednesday.

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Preparing for an ice storm: What should you do

When freezing rain is in the forecast, people tend to panic. Find out how to be prepared ahead of the big storm.


Trailer for 'VFW' starring Stephen Lang, Martin Kove, William Sadler, David Patrick Kelly, Sierra McCormick