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Strange New Coronavirus Symptom Revealed

By now, everyone knows the basic symptoms typically associated with the coronavirus. Now, a "freaky" new symptom has cropped up.

Longtime Singer Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Another prominent celebrity has been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

Iconic Italian Restaurant Chain Goes Bust As…

The beloved restaurant chain that has served Italian fare for the better part of 3 decades has called in bankruptcy administrators.

Rising Hollywood Star Dies Suddenly At Age 16

The tragedy was confirmed on social media by many of the young actor's co-stars.

Tips For Making Your Own COVID-19 Face Mask

New guidelines may force many people into making their own face masks. Here are some important tips.

With 1 goal, first-ever MLS game was filled with…

Monday marks the 24th anniversary of the first Major League Soccer match

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Astronomers Detect Unusual Gravitational Wave…

Astronomers have detected the first known gravitational wave source from a “detached binary white dwarf composed of two helium-core stars.”

The Surprising Story Behind Prince William And…

Page Six takes a deep dive into the royal pair's relationship timeline.

Remembering Maya Angelou (Saturday, April 4th)

Remembering Maya Angelou Marguerite Annie Johnson was born on April 4, 1928, and died on May 28, 2014. Here are five facts in honor of the poet. 1. Angelou was the second poet in history to read a poem at a presidential inauguration. 2. She worked with both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. 3. She was named Wake Forest University's first Reynolds Professor of American Studies in 1982. 4. Angelou was the first black woman to conduct a streetcar in San Francisco. 5. Prior to becoming a poet, she was in an opera, ‘Porgy and Bess,’ and a journalist. Happy Birthday, Maya Angelou!

Louis CK Jokes, 'Women Know How to Seem OK'

Louis CK is finally rolling out jokes about the #MeToo crisis that seemed to tank his career. The comedian, who has admitted to masturbating in front of female colleagues, is making light of the whole affair in a special available on his website for $7.99, Variety reports. "How was...

China Provides New York 1,000 Ventilators

Governors Warn Of Ventilator Shortages

Many hard hit states, including Louisiana, New York and Michigan, say their supply of ventilators is running low.

Beneficial rain, mountain snow persist over…

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine, anyone looking to get outdoors this weekend to take a walk will likely need to wear a rain jacket.

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Selah And The Spades

Trailer for 'Selah and The Spades' starring Jesse Williams, Lovie Simone, Ana Mulvoy Ten, Jharrel Jerome, Evan Roe

He Broke the 2-Hour Marathon 'Barrier.' How…

For decades, it was believed to be impossible to run a marathon in less than two hours. Then, in October, Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to do it. How? Knox Robinson spent time with Kipchoge at his rural training camp in Kenya, and in an extensive piece for GQ...

Europe sees more signs of hope as Italy's virus…

Europe is seeing further signs of hope in the coronavirus outbreak as Italy’s daily death toll was at its lowest in more than two weeks and health officials noted with caution that the curve was finally descending

'Creepy Crawlers' Invade Mars

An image of Mars appears to show thick black “creepy crawlers” invading the planet.

Happy Birthday, Pharrell Williams! (Sunday, April…

Happy Birthday, Pharrell Williams! Pharrell Lanscilo Williams turns 47 years old today. Here are five fun facts about the producer. 1. He released the first 24-hour music video for "Happy." 2. Pharrell got his nickname, Skateboard P, in high school. 3. His debut solo single, “Frontin,” was the 34th best-selling song of 2003 in the U.S. 4. The Neptunes were discovered by Teddy Riley after entering a high school talent show. 5. He plays the drums and keyboard. Happy Birthday, Pharrell Williams!

Airline Shrugged Off Social-Distancing Rules

Some bad press for American Airlines: Three flight attendants tell Mother Jones they were forced to keep 11 passengers—the only ones on board—confined to the last three rows despite social-distancing rules. "The reasoning behind it is, well, they bought basic economy fares, so we can't put them further...

Safe Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

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Home COVID-19 Tests Still Aren't Approved, But…

Both of the rapid tests can be done on portable machines, so they don't have to be shipped to a lab.

Firefighter climbs ladder to visit hospitalized…

A coronavirus-affected firefighter in Miami, Florida, was visited by a colleague via a fire engine ladder on April 3.