Business News

TV writers union says agents are violating antitrust law

The Writers Guild of America has filed claims in federal court alleging three of the entertainment industry's biggest talent agencies are violating antitrust and anti-racketeering laws

UK to pressure social media companies to fight…

Britain's government is planning to pressure social media companies to do more to fight misinformation on vaccines following a spike in measles cases

Union wins first step against Boeing over fired workers

A union will get to press its claims that Boeing illegally fired workers at a plant in South Carolina because they backed the union

Wide implications as Germany teeters toward…

Germany's central bank has issued a gloomy economic report suggesting that growth in the summer continued to shrink, raising the possibility Europe's largest economy may be entering a recession

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Business Highlights

Putin, Macron hold French-Russian talks before G-7

French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in southern France to discuss the world's major crises, including Ukraine, Iran and Syria, and try to improve Moscow's relations with the European Union

How major US stock indexes fared Monday

Stocks notched their third gain in a row Monday after the U.S. gave Chinese telecom giant Huawei another 90 days to buy equipment from American suppliers

74% of economists in survey see US recession by…

Nearly three-quarters of economists in survey see US recession by 2021

Estee Lauder, Nordstrom and Aramark rise while PG&E falls

Estee Lauder and Aramark rise while PG&E and Vanda fall

US extends limited reprieve on tech sales to…

Huawei limited sanctions reprieve gets a 90-day extension

Markets Right Now: Stocks rise again, led by technology

Stocks are notching their third gain in a row, powered by gains in technology companies after the U.S. gave Chinese telecom giant Huawei another 90 days to buy equipment from American suppliers.

Trump calls on Federal Reserve to cut interest…

Trump calls on Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by at least a full percentage point

Solo business owners struggle for profits, report says

The majority of small business owners who work solo struggle to make their companies profitable

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Elton John slams media for criticizing Harry, Meghan

Singer Elton John says he's "deeply distressed" by media accounts that criticized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for taking a private jet to go on vacation despite the carbon impact of the planet

Greece scraps legal need for lay-off justification

Greece's new center-right government has scrapped legislation intended to make labor layoffs harder, saying it discouraged new hirings and could preclude sacked workers from finding new jobs

Target launching private label in fight for grocery share

Target rolls out private brand next month as the fight for a share of the grocery market intensifies

More eurozone stimulus expected after inflation…

Official figures show that inflation across the 19-country eurozone was lower in July than anticipated, bolstering expectations that the European Central Bank will provide another shot of stimulus to the single currency bloc next month

Liz Weston: What millennials get wrong about Social Security

Assuming that Social Security will run out of money before they retire could cause millennials to make serious mistakes in retirement budgeting

Lufthansa offers climate-friendly fuel, but at a price

German airline Lufthansa is launching a website that allows customers to buy climate-friendly plane fuel to compensate for the emissions caused by their flight

Global shares rise as investors watch trade war…

Global shares are higher as investors continue to rejigger their read on President Donald Trump's trade war and growing worries about slowing economies around the world

Trump dismisses worries of recession, says…

Trump dismissed concerns of recession, offered an optimistic outlook for the economy after last week's steep drop in the financial markets

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Japan's exports fell in July for 8th straight…

Japan's exports fell for the 8th straight month in July as worries continued about President Donald Trump's trade policies denting Asian economic growth

Trump wields sanctions hammer; experts wonder to…

The Trump administration is aggressively pursuing economic sanctions as a primary foreign policy tool to an extent unseen in decades, or perhaps ever

There's history behind worsening Seoul-Tokyo trade dispute

South Korea and Japan have locked themselves in a dispute over history and trade that in a span of weeks saw their relations sink to a low unseen in decades