$1 million grant goes to record black women's…

A trailblazer among black women in the business world wants to help make sure that the stories of other pioneering women like her are not forgotten

The Most Common Learning Disorders

Learning disorders are much more common than most people think. 1 in 5 children in the u.s. has learning and attention issues, according to the national center for learning disabilities.

Clark guides Albany to 66-60 victory over Maine

Ahmad Clark finished with 23 points, nine rebounds and seven assists and Albany held off Maine 66-60

Microsoft Partners With Samsung for Cloud-Based…

Microsoft Partners With Samsung for Cloud-Based Game Streaming Service The two companies have come together for the new partnership to create a "premium" streaming experience for gamers. David S. Park, head of Samsung's U.S. marketing team, revealed the news at the launch event for Microsoft's 'Forza Street' game on the Galaxy smartphones. David S. Park, via statment Though nothing has been revealed yet, it has been suggested the partnership could see xCloud come to Samsung's phones. Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft's Project xCloud boss, teased the possibility in a statement to The Verge. Kareem Choudhry, to The Verge

Houston blast prompts safety debate in city with…

Last month’s explosion at a Houston metal fabricating and manufacturing company that killed two workers and damaged hundreds of structures has renewed debate over the city’s lack of zoning

Mom-To-Be's Makeup Can Impact Kid's Weight

Many women have fallen into the habit of wearing makeup daily, however, pregnant women should be cautious when it comes to applying certain ingredients on their bodies.

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US secretary of state visits Senegal to start…

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is working to determine what level of American military forces is needed in West Africa to counter the rise of extremist violence in the region

Ubisoft Says PS5 Will Support Backward…

Ubisoft Says PS5 Will Support Backward Compatibility Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has promised gamers that the next-gen consoles "will be running almost all the back catalog of the previous consoles." Yves Guillemot, via financial call Yves Guillemot, via financial call Sony's Mark Cerny previously confirmed that PS4 games would "definitely" run on the PS5.

Cost of China's anti-virus fight rises with…

Millions of Chinese workers and entrepreneurs are bearing the rising costs of an anti-virus campaign that has shut down large sections of the economy

Why You Keep Coughing After Getting Over A Cold

Health experts say not to let the persistent tickle in your throat and a lingering cough worry you too much.

Elton John, sick with pneumonia, cuts New Zealand…

Elton John is apologizing to fans on Instagram after he had to end his concert in New Zealand due to an illness

WhatsApp Reaches 2 Billion Users

WhatsApp Reaches 2 Billion Users Just two years ago, the free messaging service reported 1.5 billion users. It was initially founded back in early 2009. The new milestone is thanks to WhatsApp's increasing popularity in developing countries like India. WhatsApp also used the accomplishment to reiterate its stance on providing end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp, via blog post The ad-free application was purchased by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion. WhatsApp is the second app owned by the social media giant to hit two billion users.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's wall claim is beyond…

It was the week of the New Hampshire primary, a Trump budget and machinations involving the Justice Department

How Much Food Does A U.S. Household Waste

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Netflix Will Now Let Users Disable Autoplay…

Netflix Will Now Let Users Disable Autoplay Feature The company announced subscribers can finally stop previews from autoplaying on the homepage. The change comes after years of complaints from users. ‘Knives Out’ director Rian Johnson even tweeted, “current favorite console game: navigating Netflix without triggering autoplay promos.” One user was so frustrated that they created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of asking Netflix to remove the previews. Netflix already rolled out disabling autoplay with series episodes back in 2014.

Lawmaker questions China's offer to build UK high…

A prominent British lawmaker has warned that allowing China's state-run rail construction company to build a high-speed rail line linking London with central and northern England would be “extremely questionable

Twitter Reaches 152 Million Daily Users

Twitter Reaches 152 Million Daily Users The social media giant posted its first $1 billion revenue quarter on Thursday. Twitter CFO Ned Segal, via statment The new numbers show a jump of 21 percent from last year’s 126 million daily users. Twitter announced late last year that it would no longer accept paid political advertisements, unlike Facebook. CEO Jack Dorsey said that misleading information is the biggest obstacle in the industry and will be “a key focus" as Twitter scales up its services. Dorsey also mentioned Twitter’s need to expand management beyond San Francisco to “get more perspective on world markets.”

Amid virus outbreak, concerns about a hockey…

The coronavirus epidemic in China is raising concerns about a potential shortage of hockey sticks

Quincy garage fire sends one person to the hospital

Google Maps Is Getting a Makeover

Google Maps Is Getting a Makeover The popular app is undergoing a redesign for its 15th birthday. The biggest update will be the addition of three new tabs: “Saved," “Contribute” and “Updates.” The new features will allow users to more easily bookmark and review businesses and locations as well as discover new places. Crowd-sourced transit information will also be added to let users know how crowded public transportation is at any given time. The new features will begin rolling out Feb. 6 to iOS and Android users.

National Black News Channel makes debut

The nation's only black news network is on the air

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T-Mobile and Sprint Can Now Verify Real Callers…

T-Mobile and Sprint Can Now Verify Real Callers to Protect Against Spam Both companies are using a verification system called SHAKEN/STIR to confirm that calls from each other's networks aren't robocalls. The system provides users with a symbol or alert when an incoming call is being made by an actual person. However, for the system to be fully functional, every phone service provider would need to set it up and integrate it with all other phone service providers. Additionally, not all phones support the verification system. According to The Verge, T-Mobile and Sprint may also end up merging, making the system less useful. President Donald Trump recently signed a law requiring service providers to start putting verification protocols into effect within the next year. This may help speed up the process of getting all phone service providers to utilize the same verification system, though a plan has not yet been confirmed.

Hurricanes prompt Spirit to move operations…

Spirit Airlines says it is moving its operations control center from South Florida to just outside Nashville, Tennessee, after recent hurricanes forced the low-cost carrier to temporarily move some staff during storms. Officials say the move will bring 345 jobs to Tennessee over the next five years