Impeached W.Va. justice retires in time for…

West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis has announced her retirement just hours after her impeached by the House of Delegates

Nebraska poised to carry out first execution…

Nebraska set to carry out its first execution since 1997 and first-ever lethal injection using a never-before-tried combination of drugs

In Connecticut Town, an Alleged Lunch-Lady Scheme

Marie Wilson says "the only thing she is guilty of is feeding a child who had no money or giving somebody a cookie." New Canaan officials say otherwise—about Wilson and her sister, Joanne Pascarelli. The two women have been charged with larceny after allegedly stealing $478,588 in lunch...

The Latest: Aid groups say sea standoff was…

Two French aid groups operating a ship carrying 141 migrants say they are relieved the rescued people will soon reach shore but they've been warning the European Union for months and countries must have seen the problem coming

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Police chief defends Taser use on woman, 87, holding knife

Georgia police chief: Officer justified in using Taser on 87-year-old woman who didn't obey commands to drop a knife

Moment of Italian bridge collapse

Footage appears to show the moment a Genoa bridge collapses, sending vehicles falling to the ground.

Raised Highway Collapses During Storm in Italian…

Italian authorities say that about 10 vehicles were involved when a raised highway collapsed during a sudden and violent storm in the northern port city of Genoa.

Those 9pm Work Emails From Your Boss Might be…

A recently published study purports the dangers of being available to your superiors 24/7. Tony Spitz has the details.

Midwest primaries test Trump appeal against 'blue…

'Blue wave' to be tested in Midwestern primaries across Wisconsin and Minnesota

Ohio high court upholds trafficked girl's murder conviction

Ohio Supreme Court upholds murder conviction of woman whose forced prostitution as a girl was cited as a factor leading to her involvement in a fatal robbery

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Scientists extract uranium powder from seawater

Scientists say they have created five grams of yellowcake - a powdered form of uranium used to produce fuel for nuclear power production - using acrylic fibers to extract it from seawater. Matthew Stock reports.

Ride-hail drivers rush to register cars before license cap

Drivers for ride-hailing services lined up for hours to register their cars before New York City enacts a temporary cap on new licenses

Several People Dead After Highway Bridge…

At least 22 people are dead and eight are injured.

Reports of election site hacking rankle Florida officials

It may be child's play or signs of serious security problems, but either way Florida election officials are pushing back against reports that an 11-year-old hacked a replica of the state's election website

Archbishop defends himself ahead of child sex…

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, is defending himself ahead of a forthcoming grand jury report investigating child sexual abuse in Pennsylvania's Roman Catholic dioceses that he says will be critical of his actions as Pittsburgh's bishop

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Man pleads not guilty to kidnapping in son's…

A man accused of torturing his 8-year-old son by locking him in a basement, withholding food and making him endure dog bites has pleaded not guilty

Possible evidence in missing girls case found at…

Authorities investigating the decades-old disappearances of several girls say they've found possible evidence during a search of an abandoned suburban Detroit warehouse

The Latest: Engineer says many possible causes of…

It's too early to say what caused the deadly collapse of a highway bridge in the Italian city of Genoa, but corrosion or weather conditions could have been part of the cause, a structural engineer specializing in bridges says