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Amid Dorian's Wreckage, a Miracle Find

Newser — Polly Davis Doig

"He had this intuition that he had to fly back over," says Angela Johnson of her helicopter pilot husband Justin's sense that he had to return to a debris field on Little Abaco Island.

Justin Johnson was volunteering in the wake of Hurricane Dorian's destruction, and NBC News reports that when he returned the next day he found up to 40 survivors of the storm living among the wreckage.

He raced back, telling his wife to "pack up everything" and began making supply deliveries of tents, water, food. The village was apparently missed by rescue efforts because it's not on a main road, and many residents are undocumented and afraid of deportation, making them not "the first to show themselves," says MEDIC Corps.

Angela Johnson tells it a little differently, noting that when she and her husband showed up with supplies, "they were dancing, hands raised up to the heavens."

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