When placing advertisements near funeral homes, mortuaries, zombie meeting halls, or anything to do with the dead or undead, really, one might want to give the message that one is aware of those surroundings. That apparently failed to happen when McDonald's wanted to tout its new McCrispy chicken sandwich at a bus stop in Cornwall, England—unfortunately right next to a road sign pointing drivers toward the Penmount crematorium, reports the Guardian.Some people were predictably fired up ("It is tasteless, and I’m sure some grieving family members won’t like to see it when visiting Penmount for the funeral and cremation of a loved one," said one woman whose mother-in-law was cremated there last year). Others, however, saw the lighter side: "Thank God [it] wasn’t advertising Burger King and being ‘flame grilled.’" "My parents are in this crematorium. My old man had a brilliant sense of humour, so I’m sure he would have chuckled at this!" Regardless, a rep for Mickey Dee's says the ad will come down: "We were unaware of the road sign in the vicinity of this bus stop. However, in light of the concerns raised by CornwallLive, we have asked for our advertisement to be removed." Notes Cornwall Live, tongue firmly in cheek: "Rumours that it will be replaced by a poster advertising Burger King's flame-grilled Whopper couldn't be substantiated as we went to press."More From NewserThis Cuisine Is the World's FavoriteWoman Eats Chip Potentially Worth $120KProtesters Oppose Racism, Back MigrantsThis article originally appeared on Newser: McDonald’s 'McCrispy' Ad Lands in Unfortunate Location