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2014 Movie Was Sunday's Top-Grossing Film Worldwide

Newser — Rob Quinn

Christopher Nolan's dystopian sci-fi epic Interstellar was a hit in 2014—and it returned to become the world's top-grossing movie on Sunday. That's thanks to box office figures from China, where movie theaters started to reopen on July 20, reports Quartz.

Interstellar made $2.6 million when it opened on Aug. 2 in China, knocking Doolittle into second place. In the US, where few cinemas apart from drive-ins are open, the highest-grossing films were mostly re-releases of classics including The Goonies, none of which made more than $150,000.

Deadline notes that new releases will be sparse in the months to come, but the figures from China are an encouraging sign for Nolan's Tenet, which comes out overseas on Aug. 26.

(In June, a movie that cost $0 to make was the US box office No. 1 for a day.)

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