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Bruce Springsteen's Son Rejects Family Business

Newser — Arden Dier

Bruce Springsteen's son isn't following his father into show business, but it's not because he can't take the heat. The youngest of the Boss' three children was sworn in as a firefighter in Jersey City, NJ, on Tuesday.

"It was a long road, he’s very dedicated, quite a few years and we are just excited for him today," Springsteen told reporters of his son, Sam, who trained for five months at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy, per

"It wasn't easy," said the 26-year-old, who served as a volunteer at three different fire stations following graduation from the Monmouth County Fire Academy in 2014, per CBS New York.

The station notes that none of Springsteen's three kids have followed him into show business.

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