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Petition To Change NCAA Final Four Logos Based On Gender Discrimination

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This woman wants gender equality in the NCAA tournaments, and is demanding that they take action, starting with their logos.   Traci Lawson created a petition to get the NCAA to change the logo for the men’s Final Four. Right now, the women’s Final Four logo specifies it as a “Women’s Tournament,” but the men’s logo doesn’t mention gender at all. “Just looking at the two logos side by side now, it’s really clear that there’s a real Final Four logo.” Lawson explained. Women’s basketball is ‘women’s basketball,’ but men’s basketball is always just ‘basketball.’ She’s been tweeting her concerns for years and is now collection signatures to pressure the NCAA to check its gender discrimination. So far, hundreds of people have signed it, though Lawson says she hasn’t heard from the NCAA. The organization has already released its 2019 logos, which still showcase gender specification in only the women’s addition. “I can’t imagine that it doesn’t irk other people, also. I know men’s sports tend to bring in more revenue, but it’s kind of like a chicken and egg issues, where people aren’t going to take women’s basketball as seriously if the NCAA isn’t even taking it as seriously.” Lawson stated.